Moonshine Brigade – The Missery Stains

It starts like many great ideas: in the pub, a conversation over a nice drink. Late at night we go out; tap a fresh water source with some pipes that we duct taped together. And then comes the moment; our still ol’ Haggard Badger begins to fill and we ignite the fire underneath it.

While it boils and magic takes place, we pick up our instruments, lubricate our throats and sing about trains, hopeless love and the transience of drugs. We play until we drop and sleep underneath the stars. The next morning hails us and we set out to another place with our fresh batch of ‘shine; we’re the Moonshine Brigade.

That’s the introduction to the Moonshine Brigade, catchy music that fits in with 16 horsepower, The Dead South, Hank III and the Old Crow Medicine Show. When you hear the music you initially think you are dealing with an American band, but nothing could be further from the truth, they are guys with roots in the Netherlnads, ‘s-Hertogenbosch, who created with a mixture of Americana/country blues ‘ The Missery Stains’ a great album. The music varies wonderfully in terms of style and atmosphere.

So the music is fine, but the necessary attention has also been paid to the ‘packaging’. The album with 12 original songs was recorded and mixed by Frans Haarmeier, who did a great. The mastering was provided by Dan Emery, from BlackMatterMastering, who also provided the audio for Lost Dog Streetband, Matt Heckler and Benjamin Tod, among others. And last but not least, Vince Trommel from Cavum Scriptorium, he created the artwork for the booklet (beautiful work), he is an artist from Bommel (Zeeland) and makes artwork for the Tilburg Roadburn festival, among others. The booklet contains besides the lyrics great photos.

Paul Hendriks: doublebas, vocals
Willem Zenhorst: banjo, vocals
Lars Arentsen: percussion
Arie Zwamborn: guitar, mandolin

Release: June 23th 2024
Label: Black Kat Records